Switched to word '21 - Line thickness not available ?

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Hello all !


I switched to office 2021 professional plus and I noticed that the easy way to make lines thicker is not available anymore ? Is this a settings that I have to set ?


In older Word you can directly select line thicknes..



Attached picture, it is in Dutch but you will get it.


Thanks !

Line thickness.png

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I am not sure what you mean by the "easy way". However, I do not believe that there has been any change in the application in that respect.



The exact command on the ribbon will depend on if you are dealing with the border of an image or with a shape.


For example, if you have selected a shape, you can access the widths via Shape Format > Shape Outline > Weight. See screen shot below.




Hello Stefan,


That is exact the problem I am having, as you can see in my screenshot : the shape outline is grayed out..

I still can press "shape outline", then I have to select "more lines" then I can select the weight..

Normally it should show the weight like in your example



Sorry, I misinterpreted your screen shot. So you are saying that there is an extra submenu that you are required to click to reach the settings for Weight? I don't know what would cause this to happen. 

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Are you seeing this in a particular document or can you reproduce it in any Word document which contains a shape?


If the issue appears to happen with just some documents, consider sharing a sample document with the forum. 

Ok found the problem ! I was re-using an old template (92-03 word comptability) , by switching the version to the newest it got solved.

thanks !



Thanks for the follow-up.


Over the years, there have been some major changes in Word, especially when the *.docx format was introduced and then a second time with the layout engine changes in Word 2013. These changes affect the behavior and available commands (depending on the compatibility mode), but I haven't seen exactly the "submenu symptom" you described.