Shift-click Word icon on the taskbar ends up with two blank documents when I want one

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I often have Word open with a document and need to open a new blank document. What I do is to shift-click the Word icon on the taskbar, which opens a new instance instead of just focusing the existing one. This opens a new instance showing the backstage view. I click the Blank document icon. Then I find I have *two* new blank documents. At first I thought I was mis-clicking but it happens every time. This is Word 365 build 12624.20466 on Windows 10.



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Same issue, reproducible in both Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Shift-click on the Chrome icon in the task bar brings up ONE new Chrome window. Shift-click on the File Explorer icon brings up ONE new File Explorer window. Shift-click on the Word icon in Excel USED TO bring up a new, blank Word doc. But now it brings up a new Word window in backstage view. Clicking on Blank Document there brings up a second window, with a blank page, and the first window now moves from backstage to blank page, resulting in TWO new Word blank windows. What a pain. Excel (mis)behaves the same way.



From within Word, you can easily start a new blank document by pressing Ctrl+N.