Set image text wrap default (Word 365 Mac)

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Hello, I was forwarded here by customer service. I use Word 365 for Mac, and I do not have access to a File>Options menu, I can't find any Advanced settings in Preferences, and neither the drop-down text wrap menu in the ribbon or the right-click text wrap menu offer any "set as default".


Sometimes I'll drop in many images to my Word doc at a time, but it doesn't matter. One by one or a bunch, I have to constantly change wrap settings for each one.


My hunch is my version of Word doesn't offer this option for some bizarre reason. Any ideas?

Thank you!

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As you have noticed, Word for Windows and Word for Mac do not have exactly the same options/preferences.


However, in this particular case, the option to choose a particular value for Text Wrapping may be present in Word for Windows, but this option isn't very reliable.


I suggest that you post feedback for Microsoft (see