Same heading style produces two different indents

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My doc has headings styles set up but my heading2 results in different formatting at different parts in the doc. One will show a sideways blue triangle formatting mark between the number and heading title but no indent between the two. If I use a tab after the number and before the title (to match it with my other heading2s) on the triangle ones it moves the entire line to the middle of the page and changes the font size.

I've contacted support about this and they couldn't help so referred me to you. I've checked all settings in heading2 in both cases and everything looks identical. In the attached screenshots, heading 3.10 is correct (the desired result) and 3.9 is the problem.

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In Word, the space following the paragraph number is defined by a tab stop. You set that tab stop in the underlying multilevel list. To get identical appearance you will have to adjust the tab stop position; see

@Stefan_Blom oh my gosh, that worked. Thanks so much Stefan, you deserve your MVP status!



I'm glad I could help. Thanks for the feedback.