replace character with another character in 1 paragraph

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i wanted to know is there a shortcut to allow me to change , for example sakes, all the letter "a" with "b" in one paragraph in word?


for my case, please see the image, in the paragraph within this cell of my table, i want to change the speech mark  " ' "  (the speech mark under @ on keyboard) that is seen between some words, with " ` "  (grave accent? that is above tab sign on keyboard)

please see my image attached,

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Hello @Amol_Singh ,

sure. Use Find and replace.

Paste in Find the character you want to remove.

Paste in Replace the character you want to have.


But how do i chose jus for one section within my document. Not the whole. Document. I.e jus that one paragraph?

Hi @Amol_Singh ,


before you do the Find and Replace, select the text. The Replace then runs in the selection only. Once it finishes, it will ask you if you want to search the rest of the document. Your answer to that will be No.