Read only document whilst others can edit

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I work for a department that uses a word document to show staff duties for the month. I would like to have it so only a certain group of users can edit it, and it opens as read only for others without that permission.


So far I have restricted editing to a select group of people, and those not in the group cannot edit the document.

However if someone not in the group opens to document, it is preventing those in the group that can edit from making any changes as it comes up with the message "XX documents is locked by *user*"even though they cannot make any changes.


Is there any way I can make the document open as read only to those not allowed to make changes, to allow for those who can edit to be able to do so freely?


It is a large department and lots of people open the document and then don't close it when it's not in use, essentially locking it from editing.

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It would probably be best to send the document in PDF format to the users who are not to be able to edit it.