Prompt to save changes in Word

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I have recently set up a new laptop. When I close Word documents, I no longer get a dialogue box asking me if I want to save changes to the document. The changes are saved automatically. 95% of the time, that is fine: usually I of course want to save the changes that I have made. But sometimes I play around with a document, and then decide that I preferred it as it was. So it is useful to be able to choose to NOT save changes. But I can't work out how to reactivate the dialogue box. I don't know whether it is an option that no longer exists, or whether I perhaps inadvertently did something while setting up the new laptop that has disabled the option.

Can anyone help?

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By default, Word saves to OneDrive which means that automatic saving is activated. 


You should be able to turn off automatic saving for a particular document, via the autosave button on the Quick Access Toolbar.


There have been many posts from people who have lost work relying on AutoSave. Yes, it can be convenient. I generally avoid working on documents on OneDrive and very seldom will edit one using the browser Word program.


I urge you to look at the page Automatically backup Word documents by Graham Mayor, MVP for a true and working AutoSave as well as the quirks and failings of Microsoft's scheme.