Posible to copy/paste a text with visable changes?

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I'm editing a manuscript in Word with the "Track changes"-function activated. Does anybody know if it's possible to copy a text from one document and paste it into another and keep the red-marked changes in the text? 

When I try to do this, the text follows into the new document. The changes I've made stays in the text, but they are no longer visible.  



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What are you wanting to do? If it is just to compile a document with the containing details of the changes, you could make screen captures and paste them into another document.



The rules for copying and pasting text that contains tracked changes are discussed at https://shaunakelly.com/word/sharing/howtrackchangesworks.html#HowToCopyTextContainingTrackedChanges.


For example, the article explains that if you want to copy text with markup and keep the markup, make sure that tracking if turned off in both the source and target documents. 

Hello @Elvin333 ,

the function you are looking for is called the "Spike".

1. Have your target document opened. 

2. Go to your source document, select the text you want to copy. 

3. Press Ctrl+F3. The text will be essentially deleted from the source document: don't panic.

4. Go to target document, press Ctrl+Shift+F3. 

5. Go back to your source document and hit Ctrl+Z for undo to undelete the source text.


The Spike was programmed for other purposes, but it's the only native Word function I know that can move trackchanges and comments.