Plain text content controls can not be applied here

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Not able to create Plain Text content control. The error says "Plain text content controls can not be applied here." There is not overlapping content control.

In the attached file when I select the text "Gifts" from heading text and try to create a plain text content control, it gives error.

I can create the content control in the same line if the last character of word "Gifts" is not selected. Content control is created before "s" and after too.


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I was able to reproduce the issue you described. Cutting the entire word, "Gifts," to the clipboard and pasting it back as plain text appears to cure the issue permanently.


To paste in plain text format, you can use the Keep Text Only option on the Paste Options button.

Hi Stefan,
Thanks for your reply. Yes, I noticed that. Do you have any insight about the root cause of this problem. I am not sure whether is it specific to some formatting or anything other reason.
My goal is to create content controls from the VSTO plugin and handling such scenario would be an advantage.



I haven't seen anything similar in the past. Sometimes, looking at the underlying XML might give some clues to what has happened to the document.