PDFs Saved in Word for Mac Can't be Printed from Windows Computers

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Hi, I need help with issues I've been having when pdfs I create using Word for Mac (version 16.45) are printed by others. I sent some of the pdfs of certificates I created to Staples to be printed, but Staples couldn't even open them. Oddly, they could print out pdfs of letters that I created the same way that were in portrait, unlike the certificates which are in landscape.


We also sent certificates to a client, and while he was able to print them, a lot of the text and graphics were missing. I sent a colleague with a Windows computer the certificates in docx format and he exported them as pdfs in Word without making any changes. There was no issue with printing the pdfs he created, either for our client or at Staples.


I have attached generic copies of our certificates to OneDrive in case that is helpful in solving this problem. I've also attached a picture from our client of the certificate that they printed, with sensitive info blacked out. 


I urgently need to figure out how I can create pdfs in Word on my Mac that can be printed without issue by Staples or from a client's PC. If anybody could help me, that would be appreciated. Thanks!


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