Parallel columns: text alignment for comparison purposes

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Is it possible in Word to create parallel columns which do not continuously wrap all your text? What I mean is, parallel columns which are discontinuous for the purpose, lets say, for language learning? For instance a book on one side in English and on the facing column or opposite page the same book in another language?


Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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By the way, tables does not work for this, since I want to print the file in booklet form so the two texts face each other on opposite pages.

In Word, the only option is to make use of a two-column table. Add a new row whenever appropriate.

@Stefan_Blom  but I need to print and bind a book from it in which opposing pages are same content in different versions so the reader can compare the versions. A table with two columns will print both columns on every page, right?


Hi@RI_Burns ,

I think you are looking for odd / even page breaks.

Consider this:

- you put the original text on the odd pages, the translated text on the even pages

- divide your text into chunks of something smaller than 1 - 3 pages

- and insert odd / ven page breaks.

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@RI_Burns As far as I can tell, the same problem would exist in any Word document, no matter if you are printing as a booklet or not. You can't make text on left hand and right hand pages flow independently of each other.