Page Numbering after a section break is off by one

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Hi there, I have a Word document of just short of 200 pages. The first 12 pages have four sections and all of them have page numbers with roman numerals. No problems there. Then, when we start section #5, it displays as "First Page Header -Section 5-", and the page numbering is set for Arabic numbers and the counter should start at Page 1. But for reasons unknown to me, Word always wants to set the first page number to "2" even though I have set it for "1" (see pic below). Interestingly, what should be Page 1 is also showing "Same As Previous" even though the "Link to Previous" has been turned off. I really need this page to show up as Page 1. Any ideas what is going wrong here?



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@rforgo Go to the Layout tab of the Page Setup dialog and check the setting for the Section Start.  If it is set to Even Page, that will cause the first page of the Section to have an even page number (such as 2).




Thank you, @Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP . That fixed it up just right. I appreciate the help!