New comment after existing comment

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I have a set of word documents to comment on which contain a lot of images. Often I want to make multiple comments on the same image within the document but need them to be individual comments so they can be responded to. However, each new comment is inserted before the previous making comments on latter portions of the image come before earlier parts. This is very confusing for later reviewers.


How can I make the comments appear in the order I insert them? There is no ability to select a portion of the image and no surrounding text to select. I am using Office 365.

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@Wallport You may have to resort to numbering the comments.

I don't understand the logic behind later comments going before older ones - is there some explanation for this?


Surely there must be a workaround for this that is better than numbering?

@Wallport I don't think that there is any other way.  You can provide Feedback to Microsoft via the Help facility.