Navigation pane causes typing input to lag

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Navigation pane being open on large document (880 pages, many headers) causes typing input on main page to lag. Is it my document's bug or general limitation? 

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The more pagination being changed by your typing, I would expect the greater the lag.

Does it help if you change the number of levels displayed in the Navigation Pane?


Word for Windows or Word for Mac or are you (shudder) trying to edit this document in the browser program? These are actually three different programs with three different Navigation Panes.

Win 11 word 365 desktop app on one computer (i5-20210U)
Win 11 word 2019 desktop app on another computer (ryzen 5800)
Document is 17 MB in size, so mostly text. LOTS of headers. The lag started to be noticeable just about 300 pages before.

Refuses to be opened in browser "Contains objects, that cannot be opened in browser"
Editing complex documents in the online/browser version is just asking for trouble. These are different programs.