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I'm trying to customize my keyboard.


In Word, when using predictive text (suggestions), you have to press the 'up arrow' key to access the pop-up 'menu' in which you have to use the 'right/left arrow' keys to navigate to the suggestion of your choice. Like in the example bellow:

Screenshot 2023-08-13 175147.png

I'm NOT talking about autocomplete where you press TAB to accept a proposed completion like in the example bellow :

Screenshot 2023-08-13 180512.png


If I want to access the popup menu as shown in the first image, I need to press the 'up arrow key'. I want to change (move) this to another key.


I tried using the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator by reassigning the Unicode of the 'uparrow' key to another key, but the result is that I get '↑' when I press that 'modified' key. Not very helpful...


Anybody knows how to do this?



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