MSFT Word file saving problem

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I have had a MSFT Word file saving problem for about a year…

I have a lot of somewhat ‘large’ (100-200-page) client Word docs.

But those docs ONLY contain WORDS (no graphics or tables).

The biggest one is only 250kb…

The Word saving function is bizarre (I don’t see any pattern to the problem): there are days/weeks when I manage to save all of my “big” files easily. But I struggle mightily (i.e. it only works after several tries) on other days/during other weeks. Sometimes the ONLY way to get Word to save my files is for me to send the updated text to myself via email, reboot and then copy and paste the updated text to the file in question!!

My PC is “old” (7 years old), but my IT guy checked it out recently and he agreed that it is performing well/no need to buy a new one. I have 16 GB of RAM... Available physical memory: 10 GB... MS Windows 10 Pro. Processor: i5-3340  CPU@3.10 Ghz, 3101 Mhz

Is it possible that my MSFT Office has become corrupted? A different problem?

Thank you in advance for any help!


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Are you using OneDrive?


In any case, I had the same issue, we had MS look at it, didn't help. Recreated the OneDrive profile, didn't help. Reinstalled Office from the scratch - voila, issue solved. So yes, your Office could have become corrupted, reinstall.



Thank you very much for your reply: my IT guy will do an Office uninstall/install next Wednesday.


Enjoy your WE:-)