MS Word Table - add new Column

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I create a table with 2 or more columns. When I click on Insert Right (or Left) to insert another column, the formatting in the new column is not the same as the original, and I can't change it. The issue is that the new column places text hard against the column border, instead of having a small indent (default) as in the original columns. The example below shows the original two columns in the table (Date and Type), and then the new column which I inserted (Notes), which places the text hard against the border, with no way of matching the formatting in the original columns. I have checked the Table Properties, tried to use the Format Painter button, and nothing works.



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I suspect that on Table tab of the Properties dialog, the Option button has been used to set the Left Cell margin to 0 (in or mm)


and then for the existing two columns, the Options button on the Cell tab has be used and the box for Same as whole table has been unchecked and the Left margin has been set to a positive value.


Select the cells in the new column and then access the Table Properties Cell tab and increase the Left Margin, to the same value as that of the other cells, or, change the Left Margin by accessing the Table Options.