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I am facing a problem. Whenever I am using ms word and trying to modify the text, Ms word stops responding and freezes! I have tried a quick repair, online repair and removing add-ins, etc but no help! What could be the problem and how can I fix it? windows 11 and MS 365.

Urgent help is required.


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Hi SAJ98 -
I'm having the same problem. PLEASE share any useful responses you get.
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See the KnowledgeBase article "How to troubleshoot problems that occur when you start or use Word" at:


fore, see the Article “Why do I get a "stopped working message when I start my Office application at:


If that does not help, then you might remove all traces of the Office installation by downloading the fixit from the following article:

saving it to your computer and then running it.

Then, after re-starting your computer, reinstall Office by logging into with your registered email address and click Install Office.


If you actually have Office (locally installed) rather than the subscription version provided through Office 365, then you can't get Office through your Microsoft Account. Instead, see

Microsoft broke the way some old .doc files work since the 2305 update. Saving the document to another location or doing much with the document will result in crashes. Microsoft aren't interested in fixing this issue.

Specifically affecting .doc documents that are generated through software, such as for reports.

Only work around at the moment is to copy and paste the whole document to a new blank document. Don't use "CTRL+A" to select all because this will crash it. Use the cursor to click and drag the whole document and then copy and paste.
@JTC1856186 has mentioned a quick fi. Try it. Hope it works!

@JTC1856186 I have not experienced such issues.


Can you share a copy of a document with which you have that problem.

All of the Microsoft support pages I can find give poor or no information about reinstalling perpetual license versions attached to a Microsoft account. They promise it in the title but then only give directions for 365.

A perpetual license for Word 2019-2021 is for one computer (device) only, but that device can be changed by removing the installation permission from one, in the user's account, and then installing on another (or a repaired machine).

Once on the account page, use the Services and Subscriptions tab.

At the bottom of that page, under Products you've purchased, click on the link for license keys and downloads.
I have that version of 365 on my Windows computer and have no trouble with .doc or .dot files.
You won't have the issue with all files. Only ones that have been generated from templates.
I can try however the ones with issues are generated from reports which have confidential information in them. Obviously unable to remove those parts from the document. I will see if we can get a dummy report generated.
I've tried existing .doc files and ones generated new from .dot templates. I suspect that the problem is with your report generator. Perhaps they cut some corners from the format specifications and it did not matter previously.