Microsoft Word Mail Merge excel data type arrays

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I have an excel cell in array format see below: 



In my microsoft mail merge how to only select specific item example:

Item_1 - Paracetamol

Item_2 - PO CHAI

Item_3 - Cough Syrup

Item_4 - Runny nose tablet



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@OpenXD2255 We need more information to be able to provide assistance.


What would be the criteria for selecting the items to be included on the mail merge?  How do you want the data presented in the output of the mail merge.


Can you upload a copy of the mail merge main document and the data source.

Mail merge works with column headings. It references column headings and then searches via rows. So, if you want your mail merge to pick only certain drugs, you need to put the drugs into their own columns, probably called "Prescription 1, Prescription 2, Prescription 3, Prescription 4", etc.

There are quite a few good tutorial videos out there that explain how to work with Mail merge. Without having more details, these are currently probably the best explanation of what I mean. Hope this helps.