Microsoft word launch issue

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Microsoft word pushing me to start in safe mode how do I prevent that. 
I select repair 

I uninstall and installed 

same issue. 
Need help

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If you choose not to start in Safe mode, then what happens? Does Word refuse to start? 

How about checking application side in event viewer, it looks as if some modules which it starts with winword have some error.
Or how about running and install sara from microsoft 365 admin center, there are some fixes which we met often to user Microsoft 365 apps as I know.
In both case it will not start in safe mode after selecting and of course trying the normal way I rec the message to start in safe mode.



Uninstall Office using the Uninstall support tool (see option 2 in the article at and then start fresh with a reinstall. 


Before you start, make sure that you can access your account to reinstall Office.