Menu bar still hidden for Word in full screen (Monterey 12.1 Mac OS)

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Microsoft Word still hides menu bar in full screen on Monterey 12.1 Mac OS.


I turned off this new feature of macOS 12 "Automatically hide and show the menu bar in full screen in System Preferences. So, menu bar is supposed to remain fixed on full screen.


All others programs, like chrome, adobe reader, powerpoint, excel, teams, show menu bar fixed in full screen. However, Word do not.


I have opened a ticket in Apple Support. They told me since this problem only appears in Word, it seems to be a MS issue.


Does anybody have any information? Anyone could help?


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I have the same issue in Word. I contacted the MS support (live chat) but they haven't e-mail me the solution yet (not enough time to wait in the chat box...). 

I'll try to recontact them ASAP and will post here if there solution works !


Hi @JulienDFr !

Thank you so much!

It is a problem that seems unimportant, but it is very annoying to have to keep activating the menu bar to use it when Word is in full screen mode.


Not so unimportant... can't see the time, the. battery...

and MS support told me to contact the community support...

So I guess there's no support for this version (LTSC 2021)

Wait and see !

Hi @JulienDFr!

Exactly! We can not see time and battery. It is really annoying …. 

But, there is an important detail: as far as I can remember, although I am not absolutely sure, Monterey 12.0.1 did not have this issue with Word. Maybe, with Monterey 12.2, this issue could be fixed. So, we have to wait ….

Maybe, I just bought MS Office....
I sent a message through the app to MS Office
Hope it will be fixed soon !