Menu bar still hidden for Word in full screen (Monterey 12.1 Mac OS)

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Microsoft Word still hides menu bar in full screen on Monterey 12.1 Mac OS.


I turned off this new feature of macOS 12 "Automatically hide and show the menu bar in full screen in System Preferences. So, menu bar is supposed to remain fixed on full screen.


All others programs, like chrome, adobe reader, powerpoint, excel, teams, show menu bar fixed in full screen. However, Word do not.


I have opened a ticket in Apple Support. They told me since this problem only appears in Word, it seems to be a MS issue.


Does anybody have any information? Anyone could help?


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I have the same issue in Word. I contacted the MS support (live chat) but they haven't e-mail me the solution yet (not enough time to wait in the chat box...). 

I'll try to recontact them ASAP and will post here if there solution works !


Hi @JulienDFr !

Thank you so much!

It is a problem that seems unimportant, but it is very annoying to have to keep activating the menu bar to use it when Word is in full screen mode.


Not so unimportant... can't see the time, the. battery...

and MS support told me to contact the community support...

So I guess there's no support for this version (LTSC 2021)

Wait and see !

Hi @JulienDFr!

Exactly! We can not see time and battery. It is really annoying …. 

But, there is an important detail: as far as I can remember, although I am not absolutely sure, Monterey 12.0.1 did not have this issue with Word. Maybe, with Monterey 12.2, this issue could be fixed. So, we have to wait ….

Maybe, I just bought MS Office....
I sent a message through the app to MS Office
Hope it will be fixed soon !
I have just updated to Monterey 12.2.1 and Office 365 ver. 16.58, but the issue remains.
I have the same problem in Monterey 12.2.1. Has anyone find any solution to this yet?
Untill now, I did not find any solution. Maybe the 12.3 update for Monterey fix this bug. It will be released next week.
I still have this problem also, and only in Word. Super annoying, not fixed by Monterey 12.3 update...
Me too …. what version of Word are you running? I am on 16.59. MS: could you please fix this issue?

There is a temporary fix but it requires you hiding the dock and then you can see menu bar in word here screenshot below.As shown here belowAs shown here below

I hide the dock to try your fix, but it did not work …. the menu bar still did not fix. Could you, please, give more details?


@Tj192627 This 'solution' does not work. I auto-hide dock: still no menu bar in word in full screen (unless I hover over the bar).

@Luiz_H there is a workaround that I have found. You have to purchase a app called magnet from the app store and then it will snap your application windows to "full screen" (my dock doesn't hide so it stops at my dock). It will make the app cover the whole screen perfectly and the menu bar doesn't disappear cause. It only $7.99USD as of 04/12/2022 and I use the application daily There's 12 different functions on it and once you download it and open it once all you just do is drag the app to the top and release. Worth every penny

@Justin2200 If I understand what you are saying, this is the same thing you can achieve by pressing OPTION+SHIFT and then hover over the fullscreen button, then select "Zoom" in the little popup that appears. This is the free variant.
@Johannes305 You need to enter Mission Control (F3 key), create a new Desktop screen and drag&drop the word to that screen. Then go to that Desktop from Mission Control, press OPTION+SHIFT and hover over the fullscreen button, then select "Zoom" in the little popup that appears. This will maximise the window, and if you have hidden the dock it will cover the entire screen except the Menu Bar, otherwise it will not cover/auto-hide the dock. This is a possible workaround, but it doesn't put the window in fullscreen. It's just zoomed.
Hi @Justin2200,

If you hide your dock and choose “full screen” option in this app, the menu bar remains still visible?

I am already on Word 365 version 16.62 and Monterey 12.4 and this issue is still here …. does anybody have any news?

Now, my system version is Monterey 12.4 and I still hava the same issue. The menu bar still hide when word is full screen,and other applications don't. The bug is still to be fixed....