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Hi all,

I am designing a letterhead template.

I have set up a header with specific margins.

In the body I have added a section break and formatted that section to use different margins.

It works fine until the user deletes the body lines and also deletes the section break causing the margins to be wrong again.

Has anyone any idea how to possibly protect the section break line?

I tried the protection option but the unprotected body lines then display in yellow surrounded with brackets which I do not want. 

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@Storming The Section Break is almost certainly unnecessary.  In the Header, use Before and After Paragraph Indents (negative if necessary), to obtain the desired layout.


Apologies Doug, but could you explain that further.

In the header I have the club logo and club name, then a table with social media links in and then a purple line to mark end of header.

That header is set to indents of 0.

I then have a table containing social media links and then a purple line to end the header.

I then have the section break and a blank line which has indents of 1.5 right and 1 left.

The user starts their letter at this blank line.

When the user then needs to write a new letter they obviously need to delete the existing.

Doing this allows them to delete the section break line which then automatically changes the header indents.

I could send you the file if you would like to have a look at it.


Many thanks for your help.


There are tried and true methods to set up letterhead in Word.

See How can I get a different header/footer on the second page? and

Setting Up Letter Templates - by Suzanne Barnhill, MVP


Here is a tutorial with sample documents demonstrating the concepts.

Letterhead Textboxes and Styles Tutorial


The key is to put your letterhead elements into the First Page Header (and potentially into continuation Headers). This is true even if they are in places on the page outside of the traditional header area. This can be used to mimic different margins and insert logos.


The headers and footers are normally not the area of focus when writing letters and can be protected.

@Storming Send a copy of the file to me at dougrobbinsmvp[at symbol]gmail[dot]com

All sorted with the help from Doug.
Many thanks to all who offered help.