Mac Word receives error messafge fields are nested too deeply

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Dear Microsoft Word for Mac expert:


I am using Mac Word version 16.79.1. And on MacOS Ventura `13.6.1. 

and when attemnpting to perform word processing tasks such as entering text, changin fonts, I receive an error message "Fields Are Nested Too Deeply" and then a rainbow colored circle cursor appears and rorates approximately 30 seconds and this occurs on average every 20 to 30 minutes when attempting to word process in Mac Word.  During the time the rainbow color circle cursor appears the MacBook Pro keyboard is unresponsive, and the so is the trackage. And during the time that this occurs the Mac Word application is entirely disabled from performing any operation.  I already deleted the previous version of Microsoft Office 365 that was installed and reinstalled it again from Microsoft Accountt Dashboard but this error is still occurring. Is there a solution to solve the problem. Thank you.



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