Layout Problem with Word

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Hi, I'm new here..  

I'm trying to solve a mystery and looking for help. 


May Wordfiles always looked nice and normal  with a layout looking like this : 

Word .jpg



Now they are looking like this : 

Word Problem.jpg

I wonder what has changed ?  The change of the layout came suddenly without me changing anything on the layout ..  

I hope somebody has a solution for this@!?


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Can you upload a copy of the document so that we can investigate the issue.
Sorry I don't now what happened.... but I have a new user name now.. its tobyreal not sure what happened to mactube :anxious_face_with_sweat: ...
Anyway its uploaded here in my drive :

( it's displays perfect on my android tablet , but something happened to the settings in my word on my Mac .
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In Word for Mac, ensure that you are viewing the document in Print Layout view.
That was it @Stefan_Blom !!!! Thanks A lot !!



I'm glad I could help. :)

Everything runs smooth so far !!!