inserting LaTeX for \Bar in equation editor

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When I insert the LaTeX expression


\Bar{\[j\]} = \frac{\[j\]}{m^{2}}


into a Word document in in the equation editor, it gives me a double overbar instead of a single one

What I get is



What I want is



Is my LaTeX expression wrong?I am using Microsoft Word for Microsoft 365 MSO (16.0.12624.20424) 64-bit

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This was originally reported on, and I also submitted it via File/Feedback/Send a Frown, and it has been accepted by support, so I expect that a fix will be made.

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@Thomas Ligon yeah actually the command for a single bar is \bar and a double bar is \Bar


thanks!! This is the perfect answer to how to do this in Word Equation Editor, and that's all I need, since I produce my mathematics and mathematical physics papers in Word, and not LaTeX.


Now, I was hoping to find a more complete response, so I tried to find this definition on the Internet, and maybe even find the source for my error. I failed again. I wasn't able to find an authoritative "reference" for LaTeX. I found descriptions of \bar, and \bar{\bar{...}}, but not \Bar.