Inserting a caption with custom style

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Inserting a caption in Word seems to do two things:

  1. insert an auto-numbering field which can be cross-referenced later on
  2. apply the Caption paragraph style.

But I do not wish to use the Caption style. Is it possible to ONLY generate a caption field?

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Here is the part of my chapter on Complex documents dealing with Insert a Caption. The thing is, the Caption style is an inherent and necessary part for Inserting a Table of Figures. What is your objection to using that style for captions? You can modify the formatting of the Caption style to match the rest of your document or to look however you would want.


Otherwise, the Caption is numbered using a Sequence field. You can independently create such a field and give it a label like the Caption feature does. Such a sequence field and label could be saved as an AutoText entry for reuse and even attached to a keyboard shortcut. It could be in a different style, even a custom style that you reserve for your captions. However, the Table of Figures will not see this.

This custom type of caption could be gathered into a Table of Contents rather than the Table of Figures.



You can customize the Caption style if you don't like its default format. 


Alternatively, set up a "sample caption" with the field, text & style that you prefer and save this content as an AutoText entry for easy reuse.

I wonder if I am missing something, but my objection to using the Caption style is that I have different types of captions (e.g. figures and tables) and wish to assign separate styles to each type.
I can always insert the caption and then replace the Caption style with my own, of course, but it feels clunky.

Thanks for the suggestion to independently insert a SEQ field, I will certainly give it a try.

Best, Giuseppe