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I have a word document with Appendices page numbers as A-1, A-2 etc. Here ” A-“is a text and 1,2 are inserted page numbers.

In the table of content in appendices it just pick up 1,2,3 etc as page numbers. I want A-1, A-2 etc as page numbers in the table of content.

How do I do that?

Word version I am using is 2016.

Thanks for help!

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Sorry, it was not very useful,
1. I already tried the format pages option- I could not find anything additional.
2. The page refers to older versions mostly.

Hello @Toufique3 ,

what you want is a switch to add to your TOC field.

There are many good articles on this topic (how to include chapter number into the page number in TOC).

Try this one (below), and then search for others that best suit your needs - since I don't really know how your headings are done, this remains only a general advice.

Hope this helps. Lenka

Office Q&A: How to modify Word's TOC field to display specific heading levels - TechRepublic



The article at applies to all ribbon versions of Word. 


To reference heading numbers with page numbers, you must make use of the built-in heading styles, which is why the article suggests using previously un-used heading levels for appendix headings. For those previously un-used heading levels, you must customize the heading numbering as appropriate.


Which steps are not working for you? 



Here is a sample document.


The document is set up so that the appendix is separated with a section break which allows you to set restarts for page numbering and associate different heading styles with the page number in the appendix section.


Note that the TOC assumes that you are using a comma as the list separator in Windows. If not, you have to recreate the TOC (or edit the TOC field code and replace commas with semi-colons).