Indenting Bullets in a Table - Issue

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Hi - I'm working on a report and when I try and indent bullets in a table to create sub bullets (usually very simple), it creates a separate table - see below. Struggling to find and disable the automation. Any ideas welcome? Thanks.



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Normally, table borders won't be affected by paragraph indents. The lines in your screen shot look more like paragraph borders than table borders. Are you able to share a sample document (in Word format)?

@Stefan_Blom, thanks for the response. Sure - if I can work out how (new to this sorry). What's the best way to post a document?



Click the Reply button and then click Open full text editor (see screen shot below). 





In the next screen, you will find a button to upload an attachment:




@Stefan_Blom hmmm, doesn't give me the upload option in text editor. Will take a look and try and find out why. Thanks for all your help though.

@Rob_P_Martin After clicking on Reply, click on Open full text editor


You will then see the screen as shown in Stefan's response.


@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP ...thanks, but it doesn't give me the upload option as shown in Stefan's screen shot for some reason. I've checked a few times. I'll look into it.

Are you subscribed to the Community? That maybe a requirement to be able to upload files.
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Hello @Rob_P_Martin ,

Tabs in tables behave differently. To insert a lower bulleted list level in a table, you need to use the increase/decrease Indent.


To insert a tabulator in a table, use Ctrl+Tab.


To get rid of the nuisance, look at the Proofing options under File → Options. Also, the table might have the border lines set differently, so instead of the tab inserting a new line, which is its default function, it may insert a new table.

Although what you describe usually happens when you PASTE a table from another document.

From the picture I am not even sure this is a table, but for that the attachment would be needed.


Hope my suggestions help.

Great - will try that. Thanks for your help.