How to create a document with fill in the blank line?

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How do I add a _______________________ where ________________________ would be replaced with the answer without having the _______________________ afterward or move the other words on the document further? I recall I did it once, but that was ages ago.

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[Best method for most situations] Use Content Controls.

You could use a MacroButton Field instead. (despite name, this use does not use macros)


To have other text not move, you would want to have your variable content inside a table cell that does not change size.



On my Mac Office 365 Word I have developer mode but not seeing the same options as explained in the article.


You didn't mention that you were using a Mac. That makes a difference because they are different programs even though they edit the same document files and look much the same.

Compare Word features on different platforms - Office Support


The Mac does not have Content Controls unless you develop the form in Word. They work on the Mac, though. See Content Controls for macOS by John Korchok.

Here is a document with Content Controls you could copy into your form if you want.

Mac Content Controls Document - Experimental

However, since you can't edit them on the Mac I do not know it will help you.


You can use the form fields on the Developer Tab on the Mac. You then have to lock/protect the form. Same design principles apply.


You can also use the MacroButton Fields as Prompts on the Mac.