How to change Word referencing formats (Harvard) Urgent!

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I am just about to submit my PhD thesis and have been using the in house Word referencing style 'Harvard Anglia 2008'.


My university requires Harvard Referencing and is the Anglia Ruskin I thought it should be pretty much ok with perhaps an odd tweek…...but looking at the exact guidelines and what is in my reference list, there are 3 major errors:


1/ Multiple authors (some of my papers have 10!) are not shown in reference list; just Blogs et al.


2/  The citation for 3 authors is using et al., as opposed to John, Jack and Jill.


3/ The citation for 2 authors is 'Jack & Jill' and not 'Jack and Jill'


I can live with point 3 just about, but 1 and 2 are a major problem.


There was a 'bibword' plugin that seems to have gone now that used to do something, and a MS page on how to manually change the style has disappeared.  Is exporting an option and then using endnote....which I should have done in first place!!!  But I have several hundred references now!!!!


HELP - can anyone offer some advice.





Justin havens

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