How to add auto dates

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How to insert date into word and it advance the date each new paper?
It's a daily checkoff for 12 vehicles that are dated for the month. I've been handwriting the dates for a long time up to 360+ just to do a months worth and I know there has to be a quicker simpler way.
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Hello! You've posted your question in the Tech Community Discussion space, which is intended for discussion around the Tech Community website itself, not product questions. I'm moving your question to the Microsoft Word space - please post Microsoft Word questions here in the future. 

@Hooksquestions The simplest way is to create a data source in Excel that includes a column of dates - Insert the word Date into cell A1, format the column with the required date format, insert the first date into cell A2, in cell A3, insert the formula =A2+1 and then copy that down the column.


Then, save the file.


Then in Word, create a document with a page for each vehicle, from the Start Mail Merge dropdown in the Start Mail Merge section of the Mailings tab of the ribbon, select Letters.  Then use the Select Recipients facility to select the workbook containing the dates and then insert the Date mergefield on each page of the document where you want the dates to appear.  Save the document and then select Edit Individual Documents from the Finish & Merge dropdown in the Finish section of the Mailings tab of the ribbon to create a document that has a page for each vehicle with the dates for as many dates as you had in the Excel data source.   Alternatively, execute the mail merge to the printer.

@Hooksquestions ,

use the content control for date, then whenever you need to change it, you just change it.


Or, since I don't know where you want to use it, you can insert a date field in the header/footer area where it will update each time you OPEN and SAVE the document. Not sure if this is the one you want.


Hope this helps. Regards. Lenka