How to add a 'Go to Top of Document' link to each page of a Word doc

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Hi All,


I am trying to add a 'Go to Top of Document' link to each page of a very large Word document. Preferably I would like it in the footer area. When I add a link to a bookmark in the footer area you can see the link but it is not clickable.


The word document will mostly be read from different mobile devices like iPhone's and Android mobile phones so there needs to be a link on each page at the bottom.


I am using the latest version of MS Office (Office 365 ProPlus desktop application). MS Word is basically the same as Word 2016.


I hope you can help


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@Alan Kelly




You can add a link to go to the top of the document as follows:

Top of the Document.png


The link is clickable, but you need to click Ctrl+Left Mouse to follow it.

When you hover the mouse over the link, you can see that as the below screenshot:


Top of the Document2.png


If you've added the link in the Footer area, you need to activate the Header/Footer mode to be able to click the link.


Hope that helps

@Alan Kelly  As Haytham noted, if the link is actually in the footer, then the user will have to open the footer pane before being able to click on the link. This is not a great solution.


The best solution is that the user knows (or is reminded) that the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Home is the default for the StartOfDocument command. Maybe just putting that reminder in the footer will do.


Another solution, which is more work for you but less for the user to remember, is to put the link in a frame that is anchored in the regular text and positioned in or just above the footer. Recent versions of Word don't have a command on the ribbon for inserting a frame, but you can add it to your Quick Access Toolbar -- it's in the "Commands Not in the Ribbon" category as "Insert Horizontal Frame". You would have to create the first frame, add the hyperlink to it, copy it, and paste it into the text on every page.

You can place a link to anywhere in the document (using previously set bookmarks) in the footer and then save the document as a pdf for electronic publishing. The link will work in the pdf document.