Hide / Show content in a word document

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Is there a way to Show / Hide content in Word document ?
I mean the way you would do it on the FAQ of a website with a little + to show more.
This hidden/displayed content should be able to contain images too (not just pure unformatted text).
The idea is to make it easier to read a long document and if needed show more information about a specific part.


I am using Word on a Macbook Pro by the way (through Microsoft App or on Onedrive)

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If you select the content that you want to be hidden and via the Font dialog, set the attribute for the font to be hidden, if under File>Options>Display the box is unchecked for the display of hidden text, the content will not be visible. Any images should be inserted so that they are in-line with the text as if they are inserted in another manner, the anchor of the image could be outside of the text that you set as hidden and in that case, the image would not be hidden.
that's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks
So from a Macbook :
- Select the text to hide
- Use cmd + D to display font window
- Hide it
- to unhide it when needed just click on Show/Hide button