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This is no doubt a easy one for wordwizzers out there, I'm stumped lol!


Two things I am very confused on and cant seem to put right, I am trying to sort a document with the dates and information in a table to flip the right way up, I have looked at the sort option but it seems I have no clues what it is it is doing, I'm trying to continue where I left off creating a document with some information that someone has sent but they have sent starting it the wrong way up the way I have started it, for instance I need the document to carry on from the 24th of August to the 9th of October, he has started his document from the 9th of October to the 24th of August, 


Now the issue is we have columns with other information in with those dates and that also needs to move with the date changes.


Second Question here is sums, we seem to have issues with trying to add up some of the values in the table, it seems it wont add the selection i need in the column and only adds up a few of the values when i need the entire column document


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Let me first say that I am not submitting this as a for sure solution that you need, and you may want to google what I am saying. However, I feel sort of confident this may be what you need.

First, your dates.

It depends on how these are written I believe. If they’ve been typed as, “24th of August” rather than, “8/24/2021,” I suspect this will throw off the sorting function. You might want to look into using actual date fields, and how to set their formatting.

Second, your sum issues.

Again, fields may solve this problem. If the numbers are just typed there it may be causing some issues even though, I admit, it really shouldn’t. Maybe make sure you use the =SUM(ABOVE) field. I assume the numbers are above and in a column. If they go into the thousands, and you have a comma as a separator, I wonder if this could also be part of the issue, which may be another good reason to use fields. 

I believe what you need to do is fix fields up for all of these things so that Word then sorts by the field data and does math using field information.