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i have a word document with 1 image on each page (each image is a page from a book which i had converted from pdf to word) so its a 690 page document. 690 images. 1 image on each page.


i have entered text in the header. it has been applied to all pages as required.

but when i decrease design>position>header from top , it only shift the header up on that one particular page.  i want this to automaticaly shift the header on every page, i thought it would be automatic.


because currently wen i enter text into the header, some of the images hav shifted down, causing some of the bottom parts to be cut out, if that makes sense. please see the image to see what i mean.


so if there is a way that by decreasing the "header from top" on all pages at once, that will be perfect, but i cant figure this out.


ive also tried to change the page margin to "apply to whole document" but it doesnt change the images on the other pages.


any help will be appreciated



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It is difficult to work only with screenshots, but can you try to delete all section breaks and see if that helps? If you have only an image on a page, nothing else, the pagination will be no problem. (Make a copy of the document first to have back-up, then hit Ctrl+H, type ^b in Find and nothing in Replace, or perhaps ^p in Replace, up to you and up to the document).
Then set narrow margins in the page layout.
If that doesn't help, then the only thing I can think of right now is simply choose a bigger page size where the images would fit.
To print, if you need that, you'd probably have to scale down.
Say if it helped. L.

How was the file converted into *.docx format? If it was originally scanned and then converted via OCR (optical character recognition), what appears to be headers (and footers) may actually be text boxes. It depends on the quality of the OCR process.
thankyou so much
"hit Ctrl+H, type ^b in Find and nothing in Replace, "
worked perfectly for me.