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I work for an organization that has many employees.
I deal daily with their data.
In particular, I deal with the following information:
Job degree, job number, name, national identification number, and department.

All of their information is in my excel file.

My Question:
How to get information about an employee with his job number only.

Employee number
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Hi @NAWAFenezi ,

What do you mean by "get information"?

I can think of:

- see that only employee > filter in Excel or in Word, a merge rule

- see only that information > don't include the othet merge fields

But you could mean something completely different.

Kind regards


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Hi Hans
Thanks for your interest, my dear.
I mean, for example, if you want to create a letter of thanks to an employee.
I want to enter the job number in the field of the job number and automatically, the rest of the information such as name, identification number, department and rank come in its exact fields.

Like the way to search in database programs.

I hope the idea becomes clear.


No, I don't think that's possible - not in Word. You might want to consider Infopath.

Kind regards