Get A Sharing Link gone?

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Has anyone else lost the Get a Sharing Link from Word and Excel when sharing? Can still do so using Online versions but has no longer showing for anyone in the clients themselves.

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Yes, I have the same issue and have been unable to resolve to date.  Have you had any luck on a resolution for the missing "Get Sharing Link" from within Word, Excel 2016 etc.?

No solution found I'm afraid but I suspect it is to do with the wholesale changes to the OneDrive and Office 365 UI etc. The link can now be found by right clicking on the document within File Explorer and choosing the Share option.Capture.JPG


Thank you for replying!

@Darren Hughes 


I saw your response on this, but it still isn't working for me.  When I right click the file, I don't get the cloud option anymore, just the following:  


Any thoughts on how to fix this?