Function to transfer table into Matrix in equation

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So I am solving quite automatization problem. I have a large number of large data tables. It stands for matrices and I am making a document about solving those matrices. Because of an amount and a size of matrices, its basicly impossible to write elements one by one.

Does anyone know any method how can I put the data from M x N Table to M x N Matrix, where each cell makes a single element of the output matrix? It seems like I'm missing out something, as the whole matrix cathegory in equation elements seems to be little limited. 
I was thinking, maybe just like you can use "\alpha" and it automatically rewrites to "α" symbolmaybe there is a way to write the matrix in such way, so I can code my data to be written in this form instead of numeric table. 
Or literally anything else. Just to find something I can acomplish this with.

Thanks for all help!

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