Formatting table border/total lines

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Hi there,


Does anyone know how to create these total lines below in the red rings?



All I can find anything online or within Word is how to create border lines - however these aren't border lines, they are slightly smaller and are "total" lines. Any help appreciated.


Also, does anyone know why when I try to do CTRL+TAB (for dotted lines, it goes onto the next line?



I want the dotted lines to appear next to the Disposals line, not underneath it, but I can't get it to work.


Thank you




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@Rony28 For the underlines, insert a right-aligned tab stop in the cell and then press CTRL+TAB to insert a tab space and then select that space and apply the desired form of underline in the Font dialog.



If you have a left aligned tab stop with the dot leader at the location shown, when you press CTRL+TAB after Disposals, the leader of that tab space will have the dots