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Dear fellow members,

I am trying to add a comma at the end of each keyword/phrase, so that I can use them more easily using find replace.

For example:

recommended cat treats
temptations hairball cat treats
toro toro cat treats
cat liquid snack vitakraft

Turn it to:

recommended cat treats,
temptations hairball cat treats,
toro toro cat treats,
cat liquid snack vitakraft,

How can I do it?

Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards,

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Hello @vasileioskaralis,


1. Find and replace.

2. Find: ^p

3. Replace: ,^p

(comma, paragraph mark)


What it does it replaces the paragraph mark with a comma and a paragraph mark.


If your lines do NOT end with paragraph mark, but with a line break, then your Find and Replace needs to reflect that:

Find: ^l

Replace: ,^l