Find and Replace "all caps" not working

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Hi all

I need to get rid of all "cells" (I believe they are actually "frames"? not sure) that contain all caps text. When looking for all caps text, i get this:


Am i doing something wrong? I get about 10 documents per week in which i need to get rid of all all caps text. Doing it manually is very time consuming. Am i doing something wrong or is there another way i can do this?

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What you currently are searching for is font formatting of ALL CAPS. This is like Bold or Italics and is something changing the way something looks.If someone simply types with the Caps Lock key on, it will not see it because it does not have this font formatting applied.


What you need is a Wild Card search that looks for multiple upper case letters in sequence. While I may be able to come up with the syntax for that, I expect others may respond more quickly.

Here are some resources on this:


Are you trying to delete the text or just tone it down to not be in all caps?


Hi, I'm trying to delete all cells (or "frames") that contain all caps text. I already tried using the following wildcard;


however, this only deletes the text itself and not the entire "cell", therefore leaving behind mostly empty cells with symbols (such as < > , . :) still in them.


First, you need to figure out whether these are table cells or Frames. They look like Table Cells to me.

Replace is not going to take out the table structure.

For a table, you are going to need a macro, which is beyond by skill level unless I wanted to spend a day or two on it. (Sorry, I do not wish to do that.)