Fillable Form Fields not working within Text Box

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I've created a fillable form using the Rich Text Content Control.


I have some of the fillable fields on their own, and I have others that are within a coloured "Text Box". When I lock the form, any fillable fields outside of the Text Box function normally. Any fillable fields within the Text Boxes will not allow me to select or fill in when the form is locked. 


What am I doing wrong here?


All fields in green work - all fields in red do not.

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You can't use text boxes in a protected document. Instead of a text box, you can often use a single-cell table instead. 


That said, note that you do not have to apply forms protection to a document which contains content controls. The controls were not designed to be used with forms protection. 



thanks for your response - how do I prevent the other data from potentially being changed by a user if I don’t lock it?


 Isn’t that the purpose of a fillable form? To be able to fill in the indicated sections only and not to be able to touch and other info?



There is another way to lock text areas that contain content controls. Use the Group facility on the Developer tab (not to be confused with grouping objects).