Feature updates for Office 2016 MSI versions

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When, if ever does the MSI version of Office 2016 get new features as it seems increasingly far away from the click to run versions our users are installing at home?

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The bulk of any new features are going to be available for Click-To-Run. Its easier to update for Microsoft and most of the new stuff is leveraging features available in Office 365.
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As far as I know, Microsoft brings new MSI updates only once or twice a year. But some features are also being updated using Microsoft update as well on the MSI versions. It is not quite clear what the policy is here but we all know that Microsoft aims to have all customers on the click to run versions in the end. So they will always keep on going with that version for release of new features.

It would be great if Microsoft can document and share what features are on the click-to-run version that are not available yet to the MSI installations...