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When I try to create envelopes, the "To" addresses come up double-spaced. I tried copying an address from the letter, itself. That didn't work. How do I go about fixing Word so that envelope addresses appear as single-spaced??

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Hello @Ebtdad ,

not sure what you mean by double-spaced, is it the lines or the font? A picture might help.

I'll assume that you mean the line spacing. Even fields can be styled. Have you looked into the 'Paragraph' → 'Line spacing'/'Spacing'?


When you copy/paste from one document to another, it depends on the setting. Your default of "Pasting between documents when style definitions conflict" might be "Use Destination Styles", or even the "Pasting between documents" might be set to "Use Destination Styles".


When you pasted, did you choose "Keep Source formatting"? If yes, then try the paragraph setting.

Hope this helps.



Hi - Thanks for your message. I decided to use a separate "Envelope App" instead

of the one built into MS Word.