Endnotes epub conversion

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I'm using Microsoft Word to format my forthcoming ebook. After formatting the book, I then run the formatted Word docx document through an app that converts Microsoft Word document into ePub and MOBI files. Unfortunately, after the conversion, I end up with some rather odd looking endnotes. Specifically, the endnote number and corresponding text have different point sizes; the endnote and endnote text don't appear on the same line; and the endnote numbers have these dorky looking arrows attached to them (see attached image). To improve the appearance of the endnotes in my ePub and MOBI files, I want to make my endnotes consist simply of an endnote number immediately followed on the same line and in the same point size by the endnote text, and without any arrow next to the number. How do I do that?Endnote number and text.png

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