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We have a non-standard font at work and we are trying to get it to work when we 'Save-As' pdf from word. At the moment the font is not showing as 'embedded subset' in the pdfs we create from word. We are trying to achieve 3 things:

1) Allow text to be searchable in our pdfs.

2) Embed our font in the pdfs.

3) Have bookmarks in the pdfs.

All the things we try give us a different 2 out of these 3!


Here is what we have already done:

- We have checked 'Embed fonts in the file' in File --> Options --> Save

- Checking or unchecking the 'common fonts' option makes no difference

- We have unchecked 'Bitmap text when fonts may not be embedded' in the print options

- I have checked the font type, and it is OTF and Preview/Print embeddable (is this the issue?)


Programs: Microsoft 365. MSword, 2306 version. pdf24 (free version)


Here are the outputs:

Print to pdf24: Font embedded, text searchable, no bookmarks

Save as in word: Font not embedded, text searchable, yes bookmarks. Font shows as present, but not embedded subset.

Export in word: Font not embedded ,text searchable, yes bookmarks. Font shows as present, but not embedded subset.


So we need to work out how to embed the font using word (ideally) or figure out how to get bookmarks in pdf24. Given that pdf24 is free software and could change any time I would rather find a way to make the word solutions work.


Any ideas? It must be an easy fix!!?


Thanks for your time

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Ah, well, maybe not such an easy fix! Anyone got any ideas? It must be possible since we are getting both outcomes, just not at the same time!

I haven't been successful at doing all three things using the built-in Microsoft PDF exporter and OTF fonts. I've had better luck with TTF font files. See: