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Is there any way of recovering a document that has been password protected? I have been rather stupid and password protected a Word document, but yes, I have forgotten the password.

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What type of protection was applied?


The answer that must be given in the Community is: "No". Try hypnosis.


Wow, thanks for your 'help'. Not really sure what your purpose on here is if that is the type of answer you are giving to people who genuinely need help.



Restrictions applied via the Restrict Editing pane can be circumvented if you import the restricted document content into a new, blank document (use the Insert File dialog box).

Hi. I can't even get into the document due to password.
One was to ask the type of protection that had been applied to the document. Based on your response to Stefan, I can deduce what that is.
The other purpose was to alert you to the fact that it is breach of the Code of Conduct of this forum to provide information on how encryption of a file could be circumvented.



That is a different story. Trying to break a password set for opening a document is not allowed in the Microsoft communities, as Doug said. 

@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP oh gosh, I meant no offence by the question! It was a legitimate request as I cannot honestly remember my password. I will have to learn from this and just move on then. Again, I did not mean to break any rules.