document layout is messed up!

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For months I was getting an error that there was an issue with my doc files being generated by a 3rd party, I could ignore the issues and the document would open just fine.   Just recently I no longer get this error and it is pushing parts of the document off the edges.  This is the same result I got when would previously accept the error and let WORD try to fix them for me.  I assume there was an update that automatically tries to fix this error.   I have hundreds of users with this same issue, Please Help!

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@roydenwagler Can you provide access to some of the problem documents so that we can investigate the issue.


Yes this sample document has 2 images in it.   I can confirm they are there, by opening the original file in wordpad.




The document looks fine here.



Are you referring to this?


You can grab the image and move it.

You do not want to have to do that.

To not have to do that, you have to group these images and textboxes so they stay aligned to each other.


I would have formatted it using a Table instead of Text Boxes, personally.


What you have is a document with several floating textboxes and narrow margins.

The problem may be your default printer.

Why has my page layout changed when I open my document on a different machine? by Suzanne Barnhill, ...


Try switching your computer's default printer to Microsoft Print to pdf. See if that makes a difference.

Yes I understand tables work better, but I was having similar/other issues with tables.   What I am not understanding is I have not changed this format in years and one day it just starts acting like this.  Microsoft obviously changed something. . . @Charles_Kenyon