Doc w/many tracked changes... only saved (some) comments?

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Using: Office365 subscription of Word, desktop edition for Windows 10. 


Hi all. I'm in editorial hell right now. I worked on a large 350-page Word manuscript, w/Track Changes always on (sometimes w/Show All Markup, sometimes Simple), and Autosave to Onedrive on. I inserted, deleted, added text, changed formats, and wrote comments. These tracked changes all showed up while I was working.  I finished roughly 200 pages. There were roughly 3000 edits overall. When the days were through I'd save the old work and then save a copy w/new name to work on that. 


A week later, I opened the most recent doc to continue the editing. But while pages 1 - 109 had all the edit markup, the next 60 some-odd pages had showed only some of my comments and none of the actual edited/corrected text or any of the non-comment changes. (Deletions, additions, etc.)  Then the final 40ish pages showed up as expected, just like the first 109.  3 or 4 days of work had essentially vanished. I'd understand if it appeared that I'd simply... somehow... turned off Autosave and track changes for those days. I'd be furious w/myself but at least it's an explanation.


But that clearly isn't what happened because as mentioned, some of the comments added to those pages had been saved. Nothing else. I desperately searched through earlier versions but all of them had the same issue with those specific pages. No edited text, no tracked changes other than some comments.


There's no way of retrieving those days' worth of edits, I know that. I have to redo that whole block of pages. But I must figure out, if possible, what the heck could've gone wrong. What could I have done to mess this up so badly? Are comments saved separately from other types of revisions? But if so why are only intermittent comments showing up?  Is there some way Autosave might've corrupted the files? 


HELP. I need to know what might have caused this; I'm so afraid of repeating this mistake or glitch.

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@kleditor Saving to OneDrive is probably ok IF you have a really bullet proof internet connection.  I don't trust mine and therefore, I do NOT work on files that are saved to OneDrive.

Have you looked under Version History for a Version of the document that contains everything?